Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You had me at Chocolate...

Right after I signed up with Thirty-One to be a consultant for them, I was searching on the internet about home based businesses. I don't remember why, I just was. Well, I came across a business called Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Being the professionally trained pastry chef that I am that loves to make desserts, especially chocolate desserts, I was very very intrigued. I searched around on their site and saw that they had some very yummy looking products. I talked to my husband about this chocolate home based business I stumbled on and he was intrigued. He got on the site and looked around and sent in the form they had to find someone who lived near by to talk to. Well we were hooked up with a sweet lady in Huntsville, and I contacted her to get a little more information, but not really planning on going any further with it regardless of what I found out. I mean I had just signed up with Thirty-One and needed to at least make back what I had put into that. Besides, I was a little wary of selling chocolates in a rural area. However, after talking with Jenny and discussing it with my husband, he said to go ahead and sign up.

My passion has always been dessert and chocolate. I love to bake and make desserts. I am gifted in this. It seems logical and natural to be in business doing this. I am excited and nervous about this. And who wouldn't want to hold a chocolate tasting party where they get to have a girls' night out and eat chocolate? And let me tell you, that the chocolate is very good. And it is Dove ™ chocolate. So I have a recognized brand name that is very popular backing me up. To top it all off, I am the ONLY Independent Dove Chocolate Discoveries ™ Chocolatier in the whole county. Unlike Thirty-One, which has at least 20 consultants in our small county, I have an untapped market here. So I am pretty excited about the potential that brings.

So check out my new venture at www.dovechocolatediscoveries.com/melissasibert and see what my new chocolate business is all about.