Saturday, July 28, 2007


The new Holiday mini is on it's way filled with some awesome new products to make your holiday projects sparkle. All the stamps in this mini catalog are die cut so you can just pop the rubber on the wood blocks and start creating. Very cool! There are beautiful wrapping papers with matching satin ribbons, gift card holders, designer papers, and elastic cord. There are new on board chipboard elements to make fabulous garlands, ornaments, or tag elements for your packages. I am so psyched about these products. You can check it out soon on the side bar of my blog. Just for now you can drool over this gorgeous front cover.

Holiday mini ordering period starts Sept. 1 and goes through Nov. 30, 2007.

Stampin' UP! Fall/winter collection catalog corrections

Catalog Corrections & Write-Ins

Fall-Winter Collection 2007 Corrections (Updated 07.02.07)


Item #



40 NA Peaceful Wishes card This card uses Expressive Flexible Phrases, a set that has been retired and is no longer available.
63 109439 Big Bold Birthday set The bottom image of the cupcake is incorrectly shown as a solid image. The correct image, with "happy birthday" written on it, is shown on the sample directly below the set.
159 109423 Defining Alphabet set The Defining Alphabet set shows an incorrect image. The Define Your Life image is not included in this set. The correct image is a greeting that reads, "A little letter for you!" This image is shown on the small card sample shown next to the Defining Alphabet set.
165 NA Whisper White standard Stampin' Around cartridge The page number is listed as 179. This is incorrect. The correct page number is 192.
165 108589 Assorted Neutrals 12" x 12" card stock The item number is incorrectly listed as 106589. The correct item number is 108589.
198 NA Supply lists for 6A, 6B, 6C, and 6D These Stampin' Supplies correspond with the projects shown on page 8.
198 NA Supply lists for 8A, 8B, 8C, and 8D These Stampin' Supplies correspond with the projects shown on page 7.

August Stampin' UP! special

Punch a Bunch Promotion

August 1-31, 2007

Purchase the Three for You Punch Box for $45.95, and your customers will receive an exclusive assortment of textured Love Notes for free (a $12.95 value)!

You won't find this package of Love Notes anywhere else; they're only available during this promotion. Punch up some customer excitement when you point out these features and benefits:

  • The 3" x 3" folded size makes creating and giving a little note easy-they're just the right size for a quick hello.
  • Each package contains 30 pre-scored textured cards with 30 Very Vanilla envelopes so you're ready to create and go!
  • With 10 each of Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, and So Saffron Love Notes, you'll be able to introduce two of the new In Color selections-and point out how well they coordinate with our color families-at the same time as the Three for You Punch Box!


Do you enjoy stamping, but sometimes is it frustrating to get a project to turn out without having to redo your stamped images? Do you find lots of smudges, ink boo boos, and other mishaps ruining your precious stamping time? Well here are a few tips to avoid this.

1. Keep your stamping area uncluttered. I know, I know I am asking a lot, but seriously if you have papers and items all over the place they are going to get stray ink on them, or get cut by mistake, etc, etc.

2. Clean up after you finish a project. That means put those stamps away, clean off small pieces of paper, bits of ribbons, etc. from your work area.

1. Cut out all your papers first. A good guide to know how big your pieces need to be cut is to measure the block your stamp is mounted on. Now some blocks are bigger than the stamp image, for those you measure the stamp image. Now remember to leave up to 1/4" of space around the image, so you have room to position the stamp. Now to cut out layers to mount the stamped image on: Use your image piece measurements as a guide and add 1/4" to these measurements for each "mat" you cut. This leaves a good border to add color and dimension to your projects.
2. Cut out your ribbons and gather your other accessory containers. Set these to the side.
3. Gather the papers to be stamped, and stamp them, setting aside each piece you have already done when finished. Don't crowd your stamping space. Close your ink pads after you are done with a color and set aside. Work assembly line style when stamping and coloring in. Especially important if you are making multiples of a certain card.
4. Close up all inks and move out of work space for assembling your card front. Check your hands for ink stains, and wash hands before gluing, esp. if you use liquid glues. The inks can come off if you get glue on your fingers and smudge your project. Ugh!!
5. Adhere from the card base up to the focal point, adding ribbons or other accessories that you haven't already attached as you go. Again working assembly line style (doing all of one thing before moving to another element) is more orderly, and leaves less room for mistakes.
6. Admire your beautiful card, clean up, and get ready to create something else.
7. Don't go to bed and leave your space dirty. This is a drain on your creative energy when you come back to your stamping space the next time because you don't get to immediately start creating -- you have to clean up first. What a pain!

Hope these tips help you keep from getting frustrated, make your stamping time more productive, and cause less waste of your paper and supplies.


Just a few tips on how to ink up your stamps properly and keep your ink pads in good shape.

When you ink a stamp, esp. a large stamp, pounce your stamp all over your ink pad, making sure you get the center of your stamp good and inked if it is a large stamp or one with lots of detail. To make sure you have it well inked before stamping, turn that stamp over and look at it. If you see it wet and ink on all parts, you are ready to stamp. If this inspection takes a few seconds, just huff on the stamp and your ink will be moistened again. No problem.

If you are using large background stamps, lay your stamp upside down, pick up your ink pad, and pounce that on your stamp. You can also ink large stamps with a brayer.


When using craft/archival inks, a very light pounce is needed to keep the ink from ooshing into all the little crevices of your stamps, causing you to either stamp a big blob, or clean them and start over. Craft ink is wet and "sticky" and it can get messy if you press your stamps into these ink pads too hard. Remember light touch.

See below on how to clean your stamps.

Stampin' Scrub suggestions and tips

I think someone should post a little class on how to use your STAMPIN' SCRUB, and how to clean your stamps in general. It's always a little scary when you see your stamps come apart after cleaning them. This is due to over scrubbing when cleaning, which is completely unnecessary. So here are some directions for cleaning your stamps to prolong their life and use.

CLEANING: All foam mounted rubber stamps need a little TLC when cleaning to ensure long life.
When cleaning, you can use the following cleaning mechanisms: baby wipes, Stampin' Scrub or stamp cleaner pads, and Stampin' Mist or a spray bottle filled with a weak solution of hand soap and water. Do not under any circumstance use dishwashing detergent or harsh cleansers on your stamps.

Now on to the issue of the actual cleaning: NEVER SCRUB YOUR STAMPS CLEAN. DO NOT RUB THEM HARD SEVERAL TIMES OVER THE SURFACE OF YOUR STAMPIN' SCRUB. I know it is called a Stampin' scrub, but please do not scrub!!!! If your cleaner pad of choice has enough wetness to it, you only have to lightly swipe your stamp over it.
If you are using craft inks, which tend to stick and get in stamp crevices, spray your Stampin' Mist or diluted soapy solution directly on the stamp to get it loose.
Please note that Basic black, basic brown, basic grey classic inks will stain your stamps if you do not clean them immediately after stamping. Do not scrub to get this off. The stains from these inks will not come off when using another color. If you are unsure, do not keep scrubbing, but stamp on scratch paper till you see no residue.
STAZON ink cleaning tips: use STAZON CLEANER, and to help this cleaner along, stamp your stamps in Versamark ink first before inking them with the STAZON inks. They clean up beautifully.

Now on to drying: again a light touch is all you need. DO NOT SCRUB AND RUB YOUR STAMPS HARD TO DRY THEM. If you still see wetness after a swipe or two, just keep the lid of your plastic storage container open a little so they can finish drying out.

If you are seeing the rubber stamp layer of your stamps coming away from your foam cushion, you should immediately think about how hard you are cleaning your stamps. If you are seeing residue, you should probably look at how dirty your cleaner pads are first. That is usually the most likely reason.

To clean your STAMPIN' SCRUB:
Use warm water and hand soap, again no dishwashing detergent here, and rub this into the nylon fibers of the cleaning pads. Rinse and you will see all the colored inks run out. Stand upright to dry or dry on a towel. If you still see ink running off after rinsing, clean again.
Do not put these nylon pads in the dishwasher to wash them as they warp. I don't think they hurt the pads, but it is hard to clean large background stamps on a warped pad. Also some dishwasher cleansers can have solvents in them, which can damage your stamps. I didn't know this before, and I was cleaning the pads in the dishwasher. OOPs. If you heard me say that was okay before, I have learned otherwise, so stop doing that now.

If you use a lot of archival inks or craft inks you need to buy some Stampin' Mist as this solution has a conditioner to help those inks from drying out the rubber. It's not that expensive and if you close your cleaner system when you are not using it, it stays moist longer and you don't have to spray as much. For cleaning classic inks, just plain water does well for most colors. Just keep the nylon pads clean and that helps alot.

So now you know. I don't want to see any more of you scrubbing those stamps, esp. mine, to clean them. Your stamps will thank you, and you'll get more use out of them.

It's A Wrap: Christmas in July!

Well today's stamp camp was a pretty good success. I think all 10 ladies had a good time and came home with some pretty nice projects. Big thanks go out to my fellow demonstrator, Malia, for all her help in planning projects, and being there to help teach the guests how to do their projects. I couldn't have done it without her.

For those of you who missed out on this, we made some fantastic gift packaging items that are perfect for all types of gifts.
We made a cool new gift card holder based on a tutorial by Cami which can be seen here:
We made a cool 5 in 1 envelope template, directions here: Just a note on putting your flower on top, the hat pin goes through the flower from the top then up through the bottom. The hat pin doesn't want to pierce through very well as it is thick, but it will go. Just gently push it through and you should be okay. Use a pop up glue dot to attach this to the top of your knot of ribbon.
We made a cute party favor tin/holiday ornament, a cool gift bag, a circle tote bag, tags, and an awesome Christmas organizer to keep your family and friends wish list in, as well as party details/plans, and even addresses. The best thing about the organizer is that it can be used year after year by adding more pages courtesy of our spiral punch.
Oh, and we made a big sheet of wrapping paper using the All About Christmas wheel. It was good.

I think the day went well, but since I don't do these types of events very frequently, I usually forget the things I learned the times before to facilitate these events better. Next time I will individually package up everyones supplies (more work, but less waste), encourage stamping first, close up ink pads, then assemble to avoid ink mishaps. I will encourage clean up at each station before moving on (okay, maybe I am the only one who can't work in a messy space), and
request that all guests wait for instructions or read instructions before preceeding to avoid wrong placement of elements. I am not pointing fingers here at anyone, nor am I upset, just thinking about how to help avoid these issues next time. Not big issues, just things to think about.
I hope all of you can come to the next big event: Christmas card extravaganza. 25 cards for $25. Sure to be fun for everyone in October.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's month one in the card class in a box: office line. We use the Office Accoutrement and Stamp of Authenticity sets as well as the Notations papers in the new Fall/Winter collection from Stampin' UP! I must admit these sets are not in my comfort zone, but I think these first 4 card designs are cute and creative. There is some cutting involved here with the flowers, but I think you all can do this. I will be sending stamping and assembly instructions with your kits, so these pictures are just guides. Stay tuned for next month where we'll use the Little Reminders accent and elements tin and round tab and spiral punches. So much fun!!
These cards are meant for birthdays, can be for anniversary where you circle the date stuff, or for appreciation (see last card). The lines that are blank on the first card can be written on to express a sentiment or use the Flexible phrase sets to fill them in.

Check out earlier posts of cards using these sets and papers (Spring mini colors, but you can easily adapt them).


For those of you who have fallen in love with the new tapestry line and joined my card class in a box club for the next three months, the time is almost here to get your new goodies and explore the possibilities of this new look. I am so loving this. The Simple Delights simply sent kit is your first installment along with the Baroque borders wheel. I used all these elements in the following cards. You can just stamp the cards the way they instruct you in the kit, or you can change things up using these examples. It is a little tough to ink the wheel with the stampin' spots but it is possible. Just pounce the spot all over the wheel for one full rotation. That is all you need for all these examples. I only used Chocolate chip, river rock and soft sky inks on these cards as well. You can change the intensity of the chocolate chip by stamping off onces, like I did on the edge elements on the 3rd card. Feel free to get out your own greeting sets and change up the sentiments too. Play and have fun and stay tuned for next month's goodies.

You can find more samples with the baroque look at the following posts:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ribbon Originals colors

I contacted Stampin' UP! to get the colors of the ribbons in the Ribbon Original packs. It's hard to tell in the catalog and they aren't listed on the paper the ribbons are wrapped on . So here is the info. for your benefit. By the way I purchased the Beachfront, Sherbert, and Theater ribbons and they are gorgeous. Can't wait to use them.

White - rickrack
Sahara Sand - zig zag
River Rock - pleated
Very Vanilla - gathered grosgrain
Basic Gray - velvet

Pumpkin Pie - stripe grosgrain
White with Celery - diagonal stripe woven weave
Basic Gray with white - stripe grosgrain
Blue Bayou/Sage Shadow - checkered weave
Sage Shadow - grosgrain

Fairy Tale:
So Saffron - jacquard flower
Rose Red - grosgrain with white stitch
Certainly Celery - woven loop
Regal Rose - gathered grosgrain
Almost Amethyst - grosgrain

Basic Black with white -stripe grosgrain
Real Red - twill with zigzag
More Mustard/Wild Wasabi - grosgrain
Brocade Blue - wide grosgrain with stripe
Wild Wasabi - twill

So Saffron - wide grosgrain with stripe
Groovy Guava - woven loop
Purely Pomegranate - with white polka dot
Mellow Moss - velvet
Soft Sky/Very Vanilla - elastic with gather

Always Artichoke - grosgrain with loop
Close to Cocoa - velvet
Old Olive/River Rock - reversible satin
Old Olive/ Vanilla - elastic with gather
Chocolate Chip - satin with border

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Contest winning entries

Here are the circle totes I entered in for a monthly demo contest at Stampin' UP! I can't believe I won 3 brand new stamp sets from winning this contest. The category I won was "round and round we go", projects using circles images or punches. Still in shock over this. I think I can post this here for you to see. The contest was back in March. I liked both, but really hesitated to send them in, as I felt they both needed something or I needed to start from scratch. I didn't have time to do that, so I just sent them in as they were. I will never forget the day I got the email from Stampin' Up! to say I won. I think I hyperventilated. If you could see the projects and cards that usually win these contests, you would understand. And the fact that it is usually the same demos who win them.
Anyway, not to toot my horn too loudly, I just thought I would share. I hope to enter another contest soon. My wish list in the new catalog is a bit pricey, as they are mostly greetings or alphabet sets. I could use some for free again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Even a 6 year old can use these stamps

My son Nathan loves to be creative. I got my big new box of Fall Winter collection items from Stampin' UP! today. We dove into the box and my boys were so excited about the new All In the Family set. I couldn't get them cut out and mounted fast enough. Nathan made this picture of our family, and I promise I didn't help him at all. John played with them too, and was doing very well, but his pictures didn't turn out quite as well. I took photos of them, but I only have Nathan's to show. John, for being only 3 1/2 years old, managed to line up the images pretty well too. So that being said, this is a fantastic set to have. I am going to have so much fun with this. And it isn't hard to mount the stamps either. line up the bottom edge of all the stamps with the bottom of the blocks, and stamp from the feet/legs up. It's soo easy.

Oh and another of their favorite things is the new Pretties kit, which by the way is sooo gorgeous. They loved the hat pins and stringing on the beads and flowers. I'll post more on this later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One more office card

I totally CASED this card, but I did find that the blush blossom matches as a lighter shade of groovy guava. The original card used white cardstock that was dtp'd with guava to shade it. I used a different greeting set for the main greeting and the round tab. I think it looks cute. Love the black and guava together. Stunning combo.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Office Accoutrement

I know that at first this set seems kind of hard to work with, but after seeing some samples on Splitcoast and from my demo magazine, it is a little easier to see the possibilities. Most of these cards came from the above places, I just altered a few things, or my interpretation of placement and cuts of paper was a little different. Thanks to all of those creative minds on Splitcoast. I love ya!

Look what I made with the accent tin

I made this cute note board with cork pieces, and a lot of embelishments from the notations tin and the office papers. I simply covered a wooden frame with thin cork roll (with wood glue) and then was able to push in brads to hold on flowers, glued on titles from the office paper, and put in two bulldog clips at the bottom with flat push pins. It was fun to create this. It is hanging in my stamp room to hold quick notes. Very fun.

Notations Tin ideas

These samples came from my demonstrator magazine, Stampin' Success. I don't have to always find ways to use the products we sell, they help me tremendously by publishing a monthly magazine for us demonstrators. It is chock full of ideas, business tips, selling tips, and ways to share our creative endeavors with others in a meaningful way. It is one of my most valued resources from Stampin' UP! They treat us so well.

These sample are using the Notations tin from the Spring mini. I must say that I am usually quite stumped as to how to use these accent pieces. I bought them thinking they were so cool, (another of those impulse buys), and haven't used them very well. I hope to change that. The new Notations Accents and Elements tin is the same but the colors are different. So feel free to use these samples as ideas or a springboard for your own creativity.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here are a few more masculine baroque motifs cards.

Wild wasabi looks great with chocolate chip, and this card was inspired by some skirts and prints from a new Harold's flyer I got in the mail today. I thought, "The new baroque sets would recreate those prints quite nicely."

The other card is basic black, going gray, white and artichoke which is stamped in white craft with the weathered background stamp. Small flower is overstamped on corner with white craft ink, and in going gray on focal point. Pretty but still masculine.

Here are some different looks you can get from Baroque Motifs. For those of you who said at first, "This is not my style," maybe you'll reconsider. Not trying to get more takers for my Baroque Motifs Card class in a box, but just trying to get you all to look at this set in a different way. Here are some masculine, playful, bright, clear, and hip looking cards using this set.
What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

colors used:wild wasabi, groovy guava, tempting turquoise, river rock, mellow moss, groovy guava, clear transparency, sage shadow, aged copper hodgepodge, choc. chip, wild wasabi, chocolate chip, pretty in pink, basic black, artichoke, going gray

What set goes well with pastels, rich regals, earth tones and even bright colors? What set can have a casual elegance, sophisticated elegance, and is good for many different occasions? What works for quick cards, and more elaborate cards? If you guessed Baroque Motifs, you are correct. I am soo loving this set. I know it isn't everyone's style, but it really could be by using it with your favorite types of colors, or your level of cardmaking detail. I think this set is just wonderful. It also works for masculine cards too.

These cards I made today while the boys were at Vacation Bible school. I am loving the few hours of free time when my mind is a little fresher to stamp. Tomorrow I'll be working on Office Accoutrement and Stamp of Authenticity cards. Stay tuned.

Colors used here: sahara sand, elegant eggplant, mellow moss, old olive with ruby red or real red, almost amethyst, groovy guava, rose red, river rock, groovy guava and mellow moss.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Here are a few more, courtesy of Wendy Jacobson from Splitcoaststampers. She made a very cute band aid tin decorated with the same colors in the tags and then put these inside. You would just punch a hole in the top or side of these tags and tie with IN Color double stitched ribbons (I haven't received mine yet). So easy.

How would you like to be able to make all your Christmas tags in a snap, or rather in a punch? Well there is a wonderful new hostess set (level 2) called Perfect Presentation that is sooo fabulous to use with all our shape punches (circles, squares, and tag punches). Here is a sample. These can be used as gift tags, card elements, or whatever your heart fancies. They are so easy. Just stamp them in whatever color you choose then punch and layer them as you want to. Add rhinestone brads and you have an extra layer of sparkle going on.

colors used: all new IN COLORS : purely pomegranite, wild wasabi, soft sky, and blue bayou.
STAMP SET COORDINATION IN THE NEW Stampin' UP! Fall/Winter Collection Catalog

Here are some other stamps and accessories from the new catalog that go well together and would be quite versatile. They are all wonderful sets, and allow you to slowly build on a basic stamp set using wheels, accessory stamp sets, designer papers, punches, metal hardware accessories, Simply Scrappin' kits, or pretties silk flowers, and ribbons. Have fun with these ideas, spruce up a set you already own and want something to make it look fresh. Buy something that coordinates with it about once a month, so you are using your stamps to their fullest. Pick a different color scheme, just have fun and try something new. You'll be amazed at how this will perk up those old stamp sets sitting on the shelf.

Pick a Petal stamp set: (You can make flowers, lady bugs, and other cool things with this set.) Stem sayings, On Board Blossoms and Basics, Pick a petal classy brass, Build a Flower Accents and Elements tin, Rhinestone brads, Flowers for You or Cutie Pie double sided papers, scallop circle punch, 5 point petal punch.

Carte Postal stamp set;
French flair background, Leaves a la carte wheel, Le Jardin double sided paper, Pretties kit, Beachfront Ribbon Originals, Taffeta ribbons, rhinestone brads (ice), long notes.

Doodle This stamp set:
Doodle wheel, Pretties kit, Ribbon originals, Taffeta ribbons, 5/8 grosgrain ribbons, and rhinestone brads, on board blossoms and basics.

Little Pieces and Big Pieces or Little flowers and Big flowers:
Home Again Simply scrappin’ kit, ribbon originals, Uptown or Cutie Pie papers, Designer prints double sides papers, dashing double sided paper, paper piercing mat pack, round punches, charbon or cherise double sided papers.

Simply Said stamp set:
Kindness wheel, Scatter sunshine wheel, Cutie Pie double sided paper, pretties kit, ribbon originals, taffeta ribbons.

Voila stamp set:
Voila to go, 5x5 chipboard journal for a recipe book, chipboard clipboards for kitchen message center, round tab punch for tabs for recipe card box.

ABC alphabet lower and upper, ABC accents, My ABC wheel, Primary colors simply scrappin kit, and Jersey Ribbon originals, brads, and round tab punch. (great for teacher gifts, kid parties, baby showers, preschool items, school scrapbooks, etc.)

Some other stamps with coordinating items:
Unfrogettable has two wheels, would also work with So Swirly or Whimsy wheels (with flower, dragonfly and snail images).

Eat cake has the confetti simple scrappin kit for making quick cards, happy birthday wheel for easy wrapping paper or belly bands for wrapped gifts, wrapping paper, punches, and ribbons go well.

Loads of love, Loads of love accessories, two wheels, and now the Boat loads of love set.
Card class in a box kits:
I am going to offer two card class in a box kit plans for you using the Tapestry and Office lines this Fall to offer a way to help you get the most out of these two stamping styles.

What is a Card Class in a box?

1. You will be buying stamps and accessories over a 3 month period that all coordinate together and build on each other. Along with those purchases of product, you will be receiving precut card stock and instructions for making 2 each of 3-4 projects I design to use what you have purchased so far. You will get some ribbons, pretties kit items, hodgepodge hardware, and other accessories in your kits as they are appropriate. The items you will make will be cards and some simple 3-d items. All items you will be making will be posted on my blog site so you can access them to help know what the directions are saying. I know I need a visual to help with directions sometimes.

2. This will be a 3 month commitment. All the items I am putting in these kits are new items that you shouldn’t already own. The office line may be an exception as the stamps and punches have been available this Spring and in the old catalog. If you already own something in the kit, just alert me and it will be left off your order. I will post inks you need to complete the projects ahead of time for you to order them if necessary too. I take it for granted sometimes that you all have all the ink colors. Buying ink pads you may need will add to the cost of your kit. I am not sure of any other way to handle this, as a lot of you have been buying for awhile and have the basic inks, and some of you are new and still getting colors.
If there are items you already own from each kit, just give me a list of them, and I can adjust your order and class kit totals.

3. These card class in a box kits will be available starting in August, as it will take me this month to plan the projects for the first two months and allow me to alert you to ink color needs. I will need to place the orders at the beginning of the month, so your items come in, and I can get them to you for you to begin your projects before the next month comes along. I will order all items, have them shipped to me, and then distribute them with your precut cardstock and accessories I provide. If you live out of town, you will receive your product directly from Stampin’ UP! and I will send the precut cardstock and item separately as it won’t cost much to do that. This card class in a box kit is for you to assemble on your own time at your own leisure. This is not a class I am having each month in my home.

Here are the first two options. I hope at least one appeals to you.
1. Card class in a box kit #1: Tapestry line
1. First month you will receive: Simple Delights Simply Sent card kit and a Baroque border wheel. Cost: $57.11 (includes shipping and tax). You will make the cards that come in the kit. I will post alternate card ideas using the wheel and the precut supplies for different looks to what you get precut. There is enough for 10 cards in this box.

2. Second month you will get either the Baroque Motifs set or Baroque Basics stamp set, Brocade Background double sided paper, and Groovy Guava ink. Total cost will be $55. This covers product purchased with shipping and tax and then the cost of precut paper and accessories from me.

3. Third month you will get Secret Garden Simply scrappin set, Theater Ribbon Originals, and some items from the Pretties kit. Total cost will be $45. You will be making some 3-D items for this month.

2. Card Class in a Box kit #2: Office line
a. First month you will buy either the Office Accoutrement set or Stamp of Authenticity, and the Notations double sided paper, wild wasabi and river rock ink pads. Cost for this kit will be $65.

b. Second month you will buy Little Reminders tin, round tab punch, spiral punch. Cost will be $51.

c. Third month you will buy a 9x9 chipboard clipboard, on board art journal, wild wasabi and river rock double stitched ribbons. Cost will be $45. We will be making 3-d items this month with the clipboard, journal, and the tin from your Accents and Elements purchase the month before.

If you are interested in this, please contact me right away so I can plan for this. I have these items, or will be getting them soon, so we will be using them together. I think this is going to be fun. And you get to stamp and not have to figure out how to cut your papers. I do that for you. You just stamp and put them together and let the projects inspire further creativity for you.

I just wanted to add a little bit of information about these card class in a box kits. They are proving to be a fun thing for me, as I am getting more use out of the stamp sets that are in these kits than I would have otherwise. I do need to add a few notes about these kits, that I am learning as I make this up. I will need for everyone who orders these kits to make sure that they have adequate adhesives. It will end up adding to my costs tremendously if I have to provide these for you each month. Please make sure you have the following to complete your projects: mini glue dots, stampin' dimensionals, and a good strong adhesive for gluing down pieces that have ribbons wrapped around them (monoaqua is a great adhesive for this and all assembly). If you need some of these items, please contact me and we'll get you some. Thanks for understanding, and realize that you will have enough left over from having these things on hand to do many more projects too.

Also, I want everyone to know that you can sign up for these card class in a box kits anytime. If you didn't get in on this in July, you can still sign up. I have month 1 and 2 for the Office and Tapestry kits all planned and ready to go.

I am going to add a third kit for Birthday cards: (colors used here will be olive, rose red, tempting turquoise, taken with teal, sahara sand, real red, chocolate chip, and regal rose)
1. 1st month you will get the Eat Cake stamp set ($25.95), Fairy Tale ribbon originals ($12.95). Cost of supplies to make cards is $8. Your total is $52.92
2. 2nd month you will get the Confetti Simply Scrappin kit ($19.95), Beachfront ribbon originals ($12.95), and dazzling diamonds glitter ($4.50). Cost for supplies to make cards is $8. Your totals is $51.20.

Again, if you already own the stamps or any other items in the kits, just let me know and we'll adjust your order and total. Again, be sure to have adhesives like glue dots, stampin' dimensionals, and regular adhesive for gluing down papers for completing your projects.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New ideas

Here are some cards a couple of ladies came over and made last night. We are using some things that are not "new" but used for the first time by us. It was a fun night.

I am looking forward to the new Stampin' Up! catalog year. The new catalog is just beautiful and full of great sets that work well together. Lots of great ways to build on the basics. I plan on helping you make the most out of your purchases this year with a card class in a box idea. Stay tuned for more info. It will be great.

These two cards use very simple techniques. The Carte Postal card uses all of the coordinating items in the catty: wheel, stamps, and background stamp. The background stamp is stamped in black on glossy cardstock and then sponged with mustard, celery and artichoke. The wheel is on the celery background , and the bird is from the stamp set as well as the Merci. Very quick and elegant card. Thanks Robyn for coming up with that.

Snowflake spot card uses Faux tearing technique, metallic and white inks, and our new rhinestone brads. Simple but festive.