Friday, November 4, 2011

Dove Chocolate notes...

Edited to add: Just tried the Chipotle Pecan Caramel Nut Clusters last night. You have got to get these!!! They are super fabulous. When you first eat a bite, you think, "That's not spicy, just sweet pecan, caramel, chocolate goodness with a little sea salt edge. " Then the chipotle gives its little kick... nice little hint of heat in the back of your mouth. It is superb!!!

Hey, Everyone. Not sure who sees this, but I am going to put this out there anyway.
I have been slowly trying some of the delicious and decadent products from Dove Chocolate Discoveries TM now that I am an Independent Chocolatier for them. It's a sweet job that is for sure. I had a very very good October and am trying to gather Christmas orders in November.

Here are some items I have tried lately that are soo good and you need to get them for beating those Winter blues or for gifts.
1. Dark Sipping Chocolate---a totally decadent cup of hot chocolate. Very rich and bold dark chocolate flavor. Splash in a tablespoon of Grand Marnier liquor for a grown up treat.
2. White Spiced Sipping Chocolate--rich, smooth and spicy flavor in a white hot chocolate base. This was sooo good. I could see this as a base for a spiced pumpkin latte or a spiced pumpkin smoothie (recipes are plentiful around the blog land for these drinks)
3. Chocolate Martini mix-- I have made the non-alcohol version using 2 oz. martini mix, 1 oz. half and half, and 1 oz. flavored coffee creamer (hazelnut, peppermint mocha, and irish cream are good choices)
4. Chocolate Truffle Brownie---sinfully rich and fudgy. These are soooo good fresh out of the oven as they are loaded with chocolate baking bits (real chocolate here and almost a half pound of them).
5. Dark chocolate mousse mix kit--- super easy and fancy restaurant quality. This mousse mix takes 10 min. tops to make. I use 1 cup of heavy cream instead of 3/4 cup like the package directs. It goes a littler farther and I think is definitely rich tasting.
6. Cinnamon apples a la mode-- yummy and unexpected. Great chopped and baked in brie with some dried cranberries added
7. Raspberry and Mango dessert sauces---super fresh fruit flavor in a very thick sauce. A surprise hit.
8. Cinnamon Dusted Milk Chocolate almonds-- smooth cinnamon flavor around a milk chocolate covered almond. Bliss!!
9. Sweet and Smoky Chocolate BBQ sauce-- you don't really taste the chocolate, it just gives a deep rich flavor. This has been a big hit with all my customers. They totally bought it up last month with the Buy One Get One FREE special. Super delicious on pork and chicken.
10. Chocolate Fig Balsamic Dressing---all you balsamic lovers out there need to get this. It is sooo good. Sweet and tangy with subtle citrus notes. I love it.

I could go on a little longer, but I will stop there. I will be trying some more of the baking mixes this month and through the Winter as well as the drink mixes. Can't wait to get my Spicy Chipotle Nut Clusters. I have Choco-Caramel crunch waiting to be busted looks super yummy. Sea Salt Caramels, here I come. Stay tuned.

Get yours at Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Or contact me here for more info. Chocolate is universally liked and almost never regifted. Get your holiday orders in today!!