Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Season of Joy: card templates

I must tell you that I have been having so much fun making these card sets from these 4 sets I am promoting this  month.  It is rewarding to use some of the card sketch templates I have been collecting from various blogs and my Stampin' Success  magazines, and other places.  It is fun to use up papers I have been hoarding as well as embellishments.  I mean, I have all this stuff I think is so neat, but I have been scared to use it.  Plus I feel like I am justifying my purchase of all these stamps by using them.  So many cards to make and so little time.  
So here are some cards with the great Season of Joy set for Christmas.  This is in the regular SU! catalog and was actually revealed last Christmas in the Holiday mini.  But I love the images.  Do you realize that I used all the stamps in this set on these cards?  Eureka!  If you order this set this month or before Christmas you will get the instructions and measurements for all these cards.  NOTE: on all these cards as well as the other sets, I have used some colors and designer papers that are no longer available.  However I know you can find substitutions and really you just need the measurements.  So enjoy the holidays.  Get started on your Christmas cards now.

PARTY HEARTY: Card templates

Here is another set I promised card templates for if you order them this month or this Fall.  I will send you instructions and measurements to make these 5 cards if you order this set.  I love this Birthday set.  So much better if you ask  me than what we have had before.  This set goes with so  many of our punches too.  And the little party hats can be turned upside down as a banner, and inked up in green for Christmas trees.  So cute.  This set begs for glitter too.  You have to order it.  And don't you just love the bright color combos using some of our new InColors.  Love that Pacific point blue.  So great.

SNEAK PEAK NEWS:  This set will be part of the Stampin' UP! 20 year anniversary special in October along with a bunch of other Birthday sets.  You will get 20% off this stamp set with a $20 purchase.  So cool.  Contact me for more details. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Say It With Scallops

I am trying so hard to use all this stuff I have accumulated like: accessories, stamps, papers, card sketches, etc. So here are a group of cards I made using the new Ronald McDonald House set from Stampin' UP! called Say It With Scallops. This is an awesome set that is a lot more versatile than you might think. Pair it with the new scallop square punch and you have endless possibilies in a flash. Or as you can see from at least one sample, you don't need that punch.

For more samples and inspiration for this set see the following sites:

If you order the Say It With Scallops set from me you will get the cutting instructions for all 5 of my cards. Happy Stamping. And if you order the stamp set, Stampin' UP! will donate $2 from the sale of each stamp set to RMDH. It's a good thing all the way around.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Basket and Blooms totes

Yea!  I have the tote made and here it is.  Isn't this the cutest tote?!  I can't begin to explain how FAST it was to put together.  And the other great thing, is that I can cut out about 5 of these at a time with the Big Shot. Yes, you heard me right, at least 5 of these beauties in one shot.And yes, all these lovely pieces (the band around the lower part of the bag, the bag pieces, bottom piece, tag, small flower, large flower, and cut out flower all get cut out at the same time with one pass through the Big Shot machine.  Love it!  Anyway, read below for my special offer to cut these out of any cardstock paper or designer paper of your choice for birthdays, holidays, or whenever you need a little tote to put a small gift, party favor or treat in.  These are awesome.   Oh and don't you love the little saying on the tag?  Well I must say I am totally loving my new Chit Chat rub-on phrases.  These are the best and so worth the $10.95 you pay for them.  At least a hundred greetings altogether, one set in white and a duplicate in chocolate brown.  I love the white ones right now, but I know I will use the chocolate ones a lot since that is a cardstock color I use a lot.  

 Now I know that realistically, most of my customers are probably not going to spring for this Big Shot machine.  If you do want one, by all means please contact me to order one.   But for those of you who would love to have these cute Basket and Blooms totes made for them for party favors, holiday party treat totes, or just a cute little pouch to put a little something in to brighten someone's day, I am going to offer the following:

Buy one package of designer paper in either the packs  for the holidays or any of our other fabulous designer papers in the regular catalog ($10), and I'll cut 24 of these totes and accessories for you for $5.  Then I'll ship the pieces to you for assembly for approx. $2 (depending on weight and distance).  Yes, that is 24 totes for a mere $17.00.  So cheap.  And all you'll need to assemble them is some of our fabulous sticky strip tape ($7), which if you don't already have, tack that onto your order as well.  

Added details:  since shipping costs for Stampin' UP! orders under $70 are more than the usual 10% I need to place orders together.  So here is my ordering and shipping schedule for the Fall months.

1. I need all preorders and payments by September 1st to place orders to receive totes by October 1st  (If you want Halloween totes using the Halloween paper) you will want to order here.)
2.  I need all preorders and payments by October 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by November 1st  ( If you want totes for Thanksgiving you will want to order here.)
3.  I need all preorders and payments by November 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by December 1st  ( I would recommend all Christmas totes be ordered here.)
4.  I need all preorders and payments by December 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by January 1st.  I recommend you get New Year's eve or January Birthday totes here.
5.  I need all preorders and payments by January 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by Feb. 1st.  I recommend any Valentine's Day totes be ordered here.

A note of caution:  We will be moving into our new home sometime in Oct., we pray, so I will be very busy that month.  The sooner you order and plan ahead the better for me that month.  Things will be crazy this Fall.

PS:I hope to have the Top Notes die and the Scallop envelope die in the next couple of months.  These are both great for gift packaging.  The Top notes die makes a great bag topper for either the small cello bags or medium cello bags depending on which way you fold it in half.  The scallop envelope makes a great gift card enclosure on a gift bag.  Hey, with the Gift bag instructions for Designer paper and this die, you could make a complete gift packaging ensemble in no time.   I will offer cutting of these two items as well as the basket and blooms totes for the same $5 cutting fee.  

Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday Mini offerings: new ornament kits

I just got to see the new Holiday mini catalog and collection today (another awesome perk of being a demonstrator) and all I can say is "WOW!"   There are so many fabulous papers, ornament kits, ribbons, and stamp sets in there.   You are going to love it.  The Holiday mini also contains the new Big Shot and corresponding cutting dies.  About 7 of the dies are Stampin' UP! exclusives, and the rest are regular Sizzix offerings.  If you own a Cuttlebug machine the regular Sizzix dies (except the Bigz XL) are supposed to work in the Cuttlebug.  You only use the two B plates as your sandwich -one on top and one on the bottom.  You will probably experience some serious creaking sounds when you do this, but if your plates are not warped from repeated use in the Cuttlebug, they shouldn't break.  I am not making a guarantee on this, but this is what I have read.  

Now onto the ornament kits that Stampin' UP! is offering in the Holiday mini (click on the pictures above to see them in more detail).  There are three ornament kits:  one for chipboard ornaments, one for paper ornaments and then a collection of felt snowflakes.   There are several pieces in each kit, and each kit ranges from $13- $14 for the felt snowflakes to $26 for the chipboard kit.  Each kit contains enough pieces for them to be broken up into 3rds and you would still get a lot of pieces.  So I am going to offer my customers a combo pack of chipboard, paper, and felt ornaments for a very reasonable price.  
Here are the details:

On Board Trinkets:
Contains:  6 each of 4 different styles of large ornaments, 2 each of 5 words (hope, peace, joy, believe, and love), and then a variety of stars.  Each chipboard piece has a matching die cut designer piece of paper that goes with it to cover the front and back.  

If you order my combo ornament kit you will get the following pieces:  2 each of the large ornament styles, 3 words, and then some of the small star pieces.  You would get the patterned paper that you would then adhere to the chipboard pieces.  These would also look great with a little glitter on them too.  Price for these pieces is $8.30

Star Bright Paper ornament kit:
this kit contains enough paper pieces for 54 stars, 6 paper strip globes, and approx. 6 paper circle globes, 30 feet of silver cord, and 12 brads (for the paper strip globes).  

If you order my combo ornament kit you would get the following pieces: 18 stars, 2 paper strip globes, and 2 paper circle globes, 10 feet of silver cord and 4 brads.  Price for these pieces is $6.60.

Felt Snowflake kits:  (these felt snowflakes would make a great garland, easy wire earrings, and a wonderful stick pin combined with our Pretties kits pearls, clear beads, and hat pins)

Large felt flurries:  contains 27 large snowflakes in white, red, and baja breeze.  
As part of the kit you would get 9 pieces in assorted colors.  Cost:  $4.66

Small felt flurries:  contains 69 pieces in white, red and baja breeze.
As part of the kit you would get 23 pieces in assorted colors.  Cost:  $4.33

So if you get my combo kit you would have numerous ornaments and a variety of each kind.  Total cost for the kit is $20 plus a $6.50 shipping and handling fee (for my time to divide them up, package them for shipping and ship them to you).  That is $26.50 for a kit of 64 ornaments all ready for you to glue and embellish with glitter to your hearts content.  
 PLEASE NOTE: my cost breakdown for the different ornament kits that are in the mini catalog are based on the cost of the kits in the mini without shipping and handling that SU! charges.  With my demonstrator discount, I only pay that amount in the end. I am passing that savings on to you.  You will only be paying for the shipping to you after I divide the kits up.  Any questions please contact me.

I suggest you also order some silver elastic cord for hanging your ornaments at $4.95 for 15 yards.  

These products won't be available to order  until October 1st, which is when the mini catalog goes into effect.  I will take preorders and payments for the ornament assortment kits until September 28th.  Orders will go in on October 1st and I will have them in the mail by the end of October for you.  That should give you enough time to assemble them for holiday decorating after Thanksgiving.   Email me with your order at stampin.chick@gmail.com

 I need to get at least 3 people to order this assortment kit to be able to place an order and cover the cost of the kits.  So I will post sign ups here for each round of kits.  I will not make up an assortment pack unless I have all three people signed up and payment before Oct. 1st.

Round one ornament assortment kit:
1.  Gwen S.

Round two ornament assortment kit:

These ornaments would make a great kid's project, a festive gift to decorate a college dorm room, a great start on ornaments for a young adult just starting out on their own and decorating their own tree for the first time, or as a pretty addition to your own tree.   The ornaments would also be wonderful as a pretty decoration on your Christmas presents and gift bags.  Classic colors in these kits would blend well with most Christmas color schemes. 

Christmas photo card cutting service

I was trying to make up some designs for photo cards to offer you, my customers, but I finally got a lightbulb moment last night.  I can't possibly make and stamp cards that will appeal to everyone.  Your tastes and styles are just too varied.  What I like, you may hate.   And to top it all off, I have to keep reminding myself that we will be moving and settling in to our new home this Fall and although I think I can do all these things, I really probably won't.  So I came up with a solution last night.  This is a limited offer, as I won't be able to do this for too many folks, but if you sign up early, I can fit you in before the chaos starts. 

I have two simple  and easy templates for photo cards using my Nestabilities to cut out and emboss a frame for your photo approx a wallet sized photo or a 3 x 4 cut down for the long cards.  I was thinking that to save everyone time, and to get a pretty colorful card, you could choose some 12x12 printed paper you like and I can cut out the frame part of your holiday card on it, using my tools.  Then you would merely have to cut your base cardstock, stamp a greeting on white paper and glue it to the base.  You can then embellish with photo corners or small flowers or snowflakes that you find.  

The cards can be two sizes:  4x8 1/2 to fit in a standard size business envelope, and 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 which can fit in a regular invitation size envelope (A2).    A package of Stampin' UP! designer paper would yield about 48 of the larger size cards, and 72 of the invitation size cards. 
A package of Stampin' UP! solid color card stock to mat the frames on would yield 48 large cards and 72 invitation size.   You can see the papers Stampin' UP! has for the holidays in the Holiday mini and the regular catalog.  Or go to the scrapbook store and pick out your own and send it to me.  

Stampin' UP! designer paper is $10.  Solid color paper is $5.50 for 24 sheets.  
I would charge a $5 fee to cut 48 large or up to 72 small cards.   Then I would charge you for shipping the supplies back to you to put your photos in and assemble together.  You need to provide your own envelopes.  I would go to If It's Paper if you have one near you, as they have the best price.  

So let me know if you want me to do this for you.  I know  a lot of people send out these types of cards, and it's nice to give them a special homemade, personalized touch.   Note about photos: I didn't have the designer paper glued on, so if the pieces don't look centered, that is why.