Monday, November 3, 2008

Basket and Blooms totes assembly tutorial

Hi, Everyone.  Well some of you have purchased precut basket and blooms totes from me and now you need to know how to assemble them.   They are really very easy to assemble and you will need Sticky Strip to do so.  
1.  Fold the bottom circle piece along the score lines so all the little tabs are folded up.  Set aside.
Take the side pieces and fold the edges where they are dashed/scored.  Place sticky strip along those folded edges (on the side of the paper that will be on the outside of your basket), and along the bottom edge of the basket pieces.  You want to completely cover the bottom edges, as that will keep your bottom piece secure and able to hold more weighty items.
2.  Now peel off one sticky strip piece along the side of one of the body pieces.  Adhere the two body pieces together side by side.  Now remove the sticky strip off the bottom edge of both pieces.  Take the bottom circle piece and start at the edge without the scored side piece left undone and roll and press the circle tabs along the edge of the bottom of the body of the tote.  See photo for what I mean.  You need to make sure that the edge of the circle is at the edge of the tote body bottom.  Again refer to photo.  To make the rolling process work, you need to go slowly, keep tucking the little tabs in so they don't stick to what you don't want.  
3. As you get to the end of the tote bottom edge, you will need to remove the sticky strip from the last side flap cause you will need to adhere that little flap in before you finalize your bottom "rolling" to adhere that.  
4.  You are done.  Adhere the strips from your die cut images to make a stripe on the tote.  Note that the strips are longer than you will need for this.  Trim appropriately.  Use the tags, flowers, etc. to layer a cute embellishment.  You are done.
See, super easy.  
And the photos help.  The photos go in backwards order.  Sorry, but I still haven't figured out the order this thing puts the photos when I upload a lot at a time.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial.  

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