Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some moving cards

I have a friend, who is a realtor. She is the one who sold us our home in Roanoke and helped us sell it again when we moved here from Roanoke. She is a wonderful, Christian lady who we feel is sort of like family. Anyway, she asked me to make some sets of moving/change of address cards for her. I was happy to oblige and ink up my new On the Couch stamp set from Papertrey ink. Oh, I love this set so much. So much fun. And so easy to put all the elements on your "scene" on the card. I haven't even touched the surface of the possibilities of this set and all it's cute sentiments. Anyway, here is what I made for her. They all have matching totes for putting the cards in. All she needs to do is buy some envelope labels and print off the families new address when she sells a home to them. Fun and easy.

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