Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can't belive this!!!!

I wish I could share a photo of this to remind you of what I sent in, but I had to delete it, as it is now Stampin' UP!'s property. I sent in two circle totes with a handmade flower made out of various sized circles punched out with our circle punches for April's demonstrator contest Round and Round We Go. I just found out tonight that I won!!!! I am soooooooooooooo excited and relieved that I sent that in, as I kept debating for two weeks whether or not to do that. I just wasn't totally happy with either one of them, but didn't have time to fix them or start over. Thank you, God, that you didn't let me back out. I am thrilled. I get to pick three stamp sets of my choice from the catalog now. I don't know when the deadline is to do that, so maybe I'll get to pick from the new catty. I hope so. Either way, I am so thrilled.
I hope this isn't too tacky talking about this, but I hardly ever win anything, and I usually copy most of the things I make from others, and I am excited to see my original art get noticed. Especially when you compete with gifted artists from splitcoast for a lot of these contests. But I do have to thank Michelle Fischer for the circle tote idea, and Sharon Field for the circle punch flower idea. I just used my own creativity for combining the two into a unique project neither of them came up with.
Anyway, just had to share my excitement.


Sue said...

Congrats Melissa! I am really excited for you..cause guess what? I just won one of the canadian contests! LOL It is very exciting.
Did you ask about postng your art on your blog? I asked and they said it should be OK. Maybe I better take ity out again just in case?

Amy C. said...

Too cool, Melissa!! I am so excited for you. Someday, I'll do that... :0)

Have a great day!

sharon f. / Created By U said...

So.. I found your website today! The tutorial for your round and round we go project flower can be found on my blog at Congratulations, it came as quite a surprise to me!