Saturday, September 22, 2007

Criss Cross Pointsettia

Criss cross...applesauce. No, criss cross... pointsettia. I must digress for a moment and say that I really do not like the whole criss cross applesauce saying for getting children to sit what has always been traditionally called "Indian Style". All the political correctness is so absurd. Yes, the Indians did sit cross legged, and so what if we attribute that to them. It isn't in the least derrogatory. Okay, enough about that. Sorry. In my attempt to put a cute title on this card, I had to touch on something that irritates me. Not a good way to start a post.

Anyway, here is a cute and super easy little Christmas card that would make a fabulous photo holder for those of you who like to send cards with pictures of your children or whole family front and center for everyone to see and celebrate with.
This is called a Criss Cross card. You can go to my sidebar under project ideas and see the tutorial. It is super easy. It uses a whole sheet of cardstock for each card, but you know the possibilities are endless with this card. Use it to hold a small flat gift, a gift card, a photo, even tuck a little money in there. These don't take long and can be embellished for birthdays, and any occasion. Try one today.
This card uses last year's InColors of Cranberry Crisp and True Thyme. It would work well with any color. I also used some of the last of my last year's holiday thyme designer paper. We have the same paper this year in the regular catalog under a new name and with beautiful shades of green and blue called Wintergreen. The double sided paper is a must for this project if you use it to embellish your criss cross flaps. Because you cut the piece in half and have to flip one of the pieces you cut over to have it lay on the card. You could also stamp the flaps too for less paper cost. You could use just ribbon for the band, or leave that part off. The choice is up to you. I used the In the Spotlight set for the pointsetta. I stamped it, then used the awesome 5 point flower punch and then scored the leaves so they could be shaped to have some dimension. I put them together with a nifty gold brad for the center of the flower, and there you go. Other items used were the round tab punch, and the 3/4 inch circle punch for the little snowflake.

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Stampin' Malia said...

Pretty card! I've been wanting to try one of these! I like the scored flowers. Very cute!