Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some things I have been working on.

Instead of making a bunch of individual posts, I am going to lump my recent projects into one post.  I have been busy making some birthday cards with the SAB set from this past Winter:Birthday Whimsy. I met with a new customer here in Alabama a few weeks ago and we made these sweet cards.  So easy.  I have been making some cards for friend of mine who teaches piano lessons back in Roanoke. She just found out she is pregnant so I made the Baby is Brewing card with a packet of chamomile tea to calm her first trimester stomach.  This is her second child. We are thrilled for her.  I also made some cards for the realtors who have helped us with this move.  I made a set of cards and packaged them nicely in a PapertreyInk plastic box (love those boxes).  We also have friends who just had a third child. Their story is neat because it took them so long to have their first child (born just a month before our first), and their second child is a few months older than our second too.  I also made a little photo album for them but I forgot to get a picture of that.   I used the bitty on board album that I have had forever.  Let's see I have also made some albums for my boys' pictures, but I'll post a picture of that later.  Now I hope to make some interior decorating pieces for our new house.  I got some great canvases from a garage sale next door.  I hope they turn out like I am wanting.  Anyway, just thought I would share.

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