Friday, March 19, 2010

Some great music to check out

I've been listening to some cool music lately. Okay, I know music tastes are totally subjective, but I like the following.

Jon Foreman (lead singer for Switchfoot) -- his Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer are great accoustic guitar songs. Great scripture in here set to music. Also great songs about daily struggles in the Christian walk.

tobyMac -- his newest release called Tonight is totally awesome. There are so many music influences here, from rock, hip hop, rap, reggae, 80's and some good just fun songs. It has my hips shakin, feet tappin' and just feeling good. We have all of tobyMac's albums and they just make me want to dance and my boys love them too.

Owl City -- we stumbled upon this at the Christian bookstore at Christmas time. My boys totally love it. It's kind of techno pop with totally random lyrics but it's fun and clean and a lot of play on words in rhyme going on here. Just good, fun, peppy, clean music. We first bought Ocean Eyes but now we have all three of his albums. It's just a lot of fun.

Relient K -- Forget and Not Slow Down is their latest and I love it. Okay, I love all their stuff. They are just a fun Christian rock band. Their lyrics are great on a lot of songs and pack a lot of truth in them at times. Other songs are just funny and make you smile. I like their creative play on words titles for their songs.

Switchfoot -- their newest is Hello, Hurricane, and there are a few good songs on here. They are getting a little noise-like for me here lately, but there are still a few good ones on this album. I like all the albums that they have put out before though. Talk about some hard hitting lyrics on many of them. Makes you think while you rock.

Newsboys -- In the Hands of God. Love the Newsboys. We have worship songs with a beat here and some good thoughtful lyrics as well as just some fun. Again, toe tappin' fun.

I love to dance and love any music with a good beat. Not too many people see that in me, but I am a dancin' party girl at heart. I just like to party sober and with good clean fun. Love all this great Christian music that I think is much better than the ungodly stuff going out on the main airwaves. A lot of these above-listed bands get their songs played on secular stations cause it's good music and good lyrics, even if they aren't always overtly Christian in topic. Those of us who know, can find it, otherwise regular folks get a good song with a deeper meaning if God opens their eyes to it. My boys totally love all this music, so I highly recommend it for kids too. Again clean lyrics, good music, and just a way to have fun and praise God too. Great combination.

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