Thursday, March 18, 2010

Write a letter of encouragement today.

I just read a great chapter in the book Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz. I am so enjoying reading these books by Bob Schultz to my boys. They love them too, and I am hearing them say they want to be the kind of men this books talks about-godly men. I see them thinking about what it says. I also get a lot out of these books too, as the principles are applicable to really anyone, but the concepts as applied to boys have been so missing in our culture today. We need boys to be real boys and grow up to be real men---strong, leaders, providers, and spiritual heads of their homes who thirst for God and meet with him regularly, and hard workers. Anyway, I digress.

Today's chapter was about the power of a handwritten letter of encouragement. Did you know that today personal mail is so very scarce? How many letters do you write and send to family and friends each week, month or year? Sorry, email, Facebook and text messages don't count. I am talking about a hand written letter on a sheet of paper put in an envelope that you put a stamp on and put in your mailbox. Do you remember what that is? I am sad to say I have not been as good about doing that either. Here I make all these cards, but how many do I actually use for personal correspondence? Hmm, not too many. I usually am too caught up in making them for someone else to give than giving them myself. That is slowly changing. I am trying to send more cards for birthdays and to just write a note letting someone know I am praying for them, or wanting to encourage them.

Do you know the joy of going to the mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to you that is not a bill, junk mail or magazine? Oh, how I love that, but sadly I hardly ever get a letter in the mail. But when I do, oh it makes my day. You want to know why? It means someone thought of me and I matter to someone. Might sound selfish a little, but we all want to know we matter to someone, or that someone thinks of us or appreciates us. Maybe God wants to use you to let someone know they matter, something they did was appreciated, or that they are a good example and inspired you to be a better person. Maybe someone in your life lives a godly example and that has spurred you on to live a closer walk with God. Tell them. They need to hear that, if only so they can praise God for the light he is shining through them.

So I challenge each of you who might check in here to get out a sheet of paper today and write a note to someone and just let them know you appreciate them, are thinking of them, or that they have done something well that you noticed. Spread a little of God's joy and encouragement today. It's a lost art that deserves to be found again. And you never know, because of your example, you might just find more letters showing up in your mailbox to brighten your day too. I bet just putting your letter in the mailbox will brighten your day more too. It's fun and joyful to share a little kindness to someone.

Blessings to you all. You are important to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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Dawn O (dostamping) said...

Thank you for sharing this today. I completely agree! We get caught up in the making of cards. I've been on a mission this year to send more cards and this is a great reminder! Again, thanks!
Dawn Olchefske