Monday, July 22, 2013

My favorite Jordan Essentials products

I thought I would share a few of my top 5 picks from Jordan Essentials product lines.  My sweet friend Beth Ann introduced me to this wonderful company and their natural skincare products last fall.  I love them because they WORK, with the added bonus of being good for you.  I fell in love with the basic body care set and how wonderful my hands felt after my hand spa treatment.  Since then, I joined as a consultant and use their make up and face care lines as well as many other products which I am about to highlight.

Top 5 Body Care Products:
1.  Basic Body Care system, which includes salt scrub, body lotion or body butter, and lotion bar.  My first hand spa treatment using the foaming body wash and salt scrub was heavenly.  My hands get so dry from washing dishes in the dry winter months that they crack and bleed.  It hurts.  Last year I gave myself weekly hand spa treatments and used the JE body butter and lotion bar to seal in moisture and had no issues.  I think I got one crack in my finger.  Amazing.  During the summer I use these products to pamper my feet and keep them soft and flip flop ready.
2.  Essential oils Deoderant.  I used the regular JE aluminum free Deoderant first, but was feeling sticky under my arms.  The new essential oils Deoderant is so much better.  I still struggle a little bit cause I sweat so much and odor is just a problem for me no matter if I use antiperspirant or not.  Overall, I am sticking with it and like it.
3.  Happy Feet Foot Spa products.  Love the way my feet feel after a soak in the Dead Sea salts, foot scrub, and then cooling peppermint lotion and lotion bar.  Definitely do not need to pay for pedicures.
4.  Dead Sea salts.  This product is super therapy.  Great to help with feeling better when you have a cold.  I have helped my sons feel better when sick by making them soak in a full tub with the sea salts or just soaking their feet.
5. Body wash.  I use this at all the sinks with our foaming dispensers.  I like knowing we are washing our hands with good for you ingredients.  Our hands don't get dried out either.

Top 5 Face Care Products
1. Basic Daily normal skin care system, which includes foaming cleanser, lotion, and toner.  I love these products and so does my somewhat oily face.  I have very very few breakouts since using these basic products.
2. Anti-aging serum.  My face is even toned, soft and firm from using this serum.
3.  Dead Sea Salt bar soap.  I use this in the shower to wash my face, shoulders and back.  Helps keep me from breaking out with pimples, which my back is so prone to do.  I use the facial brush to apply the soap.
4.  Clay mask.  This is a miracle product.  I like it for spot treatment of blemishes, but the biggest use it has had is for relieving the itch from bug bites.  Who knew bentonite clay was such a wonderful detoxifier of bug venom...

Top 5 Mineral Make up choices
1.  Tinted moisturizer.  Not a base make up.  It is not heavy feeling.  Just a light tinted moisturizer that evens out my skin tone in the winter months.  I love this stuff.  I do not wear much make up, but I really like this.
2.  Mineral eye shadow.  Great coverage with their brushes.  I like the pretty colors and that they stay put and blend easily.
3.  Eye primer, which is the secret to great eye shadow coverage and staying power.  It lasts a long time.
4.  Mascara.  No flakes, smudges, or smears. Period.  Comes off pretty easily when washing.  Usually have to finish taking it off with eye makeup remover.
5. Mineral powder and blush.  Great matte finish and silky feel.  I use these in the summer to cut out shine.  Love the kabuki brush.

So there are my favorite products.  There are a lot of them.  I left out a few, and I have a feeling I am going to love the new Essential Oils line for natural remedies to headaches, sinus problems, and stress.

If you have questions about any of these products or are intrigued and want to try them, please contact me or visit my Jordan Essentials website.  I would love to help you learn how to take care of your skin with good for you products.  Your whole family will enjoy these products.  Mine do.

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