Saturday, May 30, 2015

knock... knock... anyone here?

My blog has been quiet for awhile as this spring has been totally crazy busy for us.  I have had very little time to craft and participate in weekly challenges and monthly blog hops.  June is likely to be quite blank as well, as I have some big house projects I am working on.   You know when you have lived in a new house for 7 years, it is time to do some maintenance, cleaning out, and rearranging of stuff, and that is exactly what I am doing.  Painting, reorganizing, purging, moving bedrooms around are in store for the next 3 weeks.  Hope to be done by Father's Day weekend.  In a holding pattern this coming week due to waiting on my new shelving units to get here, and for someone to check out the furniture we want to get rid of to see if they want some before we have a thrift store come and take it as a donation.   Sigh... I am ready to dig in and paint and clean out.  Waiting is hard, but I have been busy getting lesson plans in the computer on our awesome Homeschool Planet planner.  Love it!  I got a huge chunk of that done yesterday.  Wow!  Sometimes a daunting task is easier when you just dive into it and get started.

Plus we are going to take a few fun days to play: going to Huntsville botanical gardens to see the special LEGO sculpture exhibit one day, bowling, movies, skating are on the menu for some other weeks.  The summer is going to whiz by I know.

Have a great summer, and I hope to be back in July with some crafty goodness.

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