Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wonderful Wedding Season and Gifts

The summer wedding season has arrived, and we have two family weddings to attend this year.  Yay! All the younger cousins are getting married these days, so it is time to make some creative gifts to give.  I love to cook/bake, and I love to craft.  Therefore, my gifts usually incorporate something along those lines.  For our June bride and groom, my beautiful cousin and her fianc√©, we have a classic black and red recipe card box ensemble and a yummy homemade chocolate cake mix to be whipped up in the new KitchenAid Mixer we chipped in with my parents to get for the new couple.  Sweet!  I may whip up a set of thank you notes too, but for now, this will be fine.  The colors for the table linens and towels they registered for their kitchen were in red and black, so I figured that would be a good color scheme to make the recipe box.

What kinds of projects are you working on this summer?  What are your go to wedding gifts to give?

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