Thursday, June 11, 2015

A lovely flower morning

Just thought I would post the gorgeous colors I have popping up all along my flower beds and my planters.  I love how Dawn McVey takes these beautiful pictures of her flowers and shares them.  I got inspired to save the intricate beauty of God's creation in my yard today so I can go back and look at them and have a moment of thanksgiving for His goodness.

 I love flowers.  I love their color, their form, their unique beauty, the way they bloom, everything.  If I could surround myself with them everyday I would.  Enjoy my photos and have a blessed day.
I have 4 of these loaded with blooms along the back of my house off the side of our screened in porch.

This is my lone light lilac colored hydrangea from the new plant I got last summer.  I hope I get some more blooms.  They are so pretty.

My annual geranium pick for my front planter.  Love that bright pink.

All of the above lilies are in my front flower beds.  They are hidden by my dwarf Japanese maple tree so I need to did them up and replant them.  My favorite is the dark burgundy one.  So lovely.

More geraniums in my front porch planter.  Sigh.. they make me happy.

I have a calla lily forest on the side of my house by the driveway.  They keep making more plants and I just love them.  So elegant and stately.  They keep when cut too.  

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