Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big Blossom Delight

I made this card tonight after taking care of Stampin' UP! business. After totalling orders and making out deposit slips and unpacking things from my workshop, I find a couple of hours has gone by. I had to stamp something though. Here is my first card. I liked the color combination of Regal Rose and Always Artichoke. I used the kissing technique on the flower. I stamped the Paisley background first and then kissed the Big Blossom to it to stamp. Works better this way I just found out as this is my first attempt at this technique. Easy and elegant. I always make two cards when I stamp and my husband said this one looked better as the "Delight" sort of fit in the flower petal and flowed along with the curve of the petal. He's good at noticing little things like that.

Okay, what is the kissing technique you ask? Well it involves taking a solid image stamp and "kissing" it onto a background stamp or other patterned stamp to ink it up. I prefer the inking of the large background and then kissing the solid stamp on that to get the pattern on the solid stamp. Less chance of smearing. You can also leave the background stamp uninked and take solid stamps that are inked, kiss them to the background stamp and then stamp the background stamp onto your paper. Leaves a totally different look. Play around with the technique. Basically you are taking an uninked solid stamp and transferring an inked pattern to that, or doing just the opposite of taking an uninked patterned stamp and inking it with a solid colored stamp image.
I'll post more samples later to show you the difference.

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