Friday, February 9, 2007

Nathan is the Lego architect

I had to put a couple of non-stamping related things on here. I wrote in our Christmas letter about Nathan's finesse with the legos and all the amazing things he builds with them. Sadly a bunch of photos that we took of his creations from this past Spring and Summer got lost on a hard drive that died. He made an amazing rendition of the rib cage complete with lungs and heart inside and the backbone in back. I mean it was so real looking. And then he made a Shamu family that was out of this world. Looked just like his stuffed Shamu from Sea World. But here are a few pictures of his planets, Saturn V, and our minivan. The planets are the Moon, Mars, Earth, Venus, and the planet the wacko- evolutionary- pseudo- scientists think crashed into the Earth to create the Moon. Silly "science" is what we call it.

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