Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year to you all!

I wrote a long very personal New Year's Resolutions piece for the blog the other day, and posted it overnight.  I took it off not because I was ashamed of the message it contained, but felt it really wasn't appropriate for a blog entry.  So I will attempt to summarize and convey the basic idea of that post in a new one here.   
Happy New Year to you all.  I know that we are all excited about what the new year will hold.  Some of us are more optimistic than others.  I know a lot of us are concerned about what will happen once our new President elect will be sworn in.  I speak for myself when I say, that I believe that hard times are coming for those of us who love God and value our freedom not only to worship and speak about Him, but also for our personal freedom as a citizen of the best free country in the world.  I believe that those freedoms are on shaky ground with the incoming very liberal President and Congress.   I could be living in dread of this, but actually, God has given me great peace about these things.  I am not trying to be naive, but instead I BELIEVE with all that I am that God ordains all things for His glory, to strengthen and grow his people into Christ's image.  I know that ALL things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to his purposes.  God works all things together for his children's good for His glory.  It's awesome to think about the possibilities that holds.  I am excited to see how God will show is sovereignty, goodness, grace, and faithfulness through what is coming.  
I am excited to see how his people will grow in grace, spread the gospel, and experience the fullness of God through trials and testing.  I pray that we will all resolve to trust God in all things, and allow him to be glorified in our trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
One of the ways we do this is to read His word, the Bible, be in constant prayer, memorize scripture, and not be ashamed to tell others about Jesus, our saviour and only hope.  
I am resolving in this new year to continue to let go of idols in my heart, prioritize my time according to God's purposes, and spend more time in God's word with my family.  I want to be a better mom, enjoying my children and teaching them the awesome truths in God's word.  I want to be a better wife to my wonderful husband, appreciating him, loving him, and coming alongside him as his helpmeet as God intended.   I want to spend my time doing things that count for Christ, giving to those in need, and being creative with my family to do those things.

To do these things, I will be letting go of a lot of my stamping.  I am not giving this up, just putting in its proper place after 6 years of letting it dominate my life and thoughts.  I will be stamping for our family, as a creative endeavor after I do the more important things listed above.   I will probably be ending my Stampin' UP! business, as I am hardly keeping it going, and I don't have the money to spend to keep it going.  I predict that after Sale-A-Bration is over at the end of February, I will probably be letting it go.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to do this, but to truly put this hobby in its proper place in my life, I really can't be a demonstrator and feel the pull of trying to maintain a certain sales level to keep it up.  I have all that I need in stamps and paper, and it will take me quite a long time for me to use up the papers, accessories and ribbons I have accumulated.  If I need to order more, then I will contact a demo I know and order more.   I will keep you posted as to my status when it changes.  
Check out the side bar for the New Decor Elements brochure.  There are tons of new things in there that are very cool.  I am looking forward to seeing if I can use some of the elements in our new home, which we hope to move into very soon.  I have been working on some home decor items these past couple of weeks, and am excited to share them with you.   They are awesome and I can't wait to put them up.  I have some canister to cover for my kitchen, and some recipe card holders to make as well.  It will come together in due time. 

In the mean time, Happy New Year to you all.   May God richly bless you all this year and always.  I pray that you will all gain a greater understanding of the riches and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ this year.   There is nothing that is impossible with God, and He will always meet our needs, as he met our deepest need of reconciliation and forgiveness by giving us his son, Jesus, even while we were DEAD in our sin and His enemy.  Thanks be to God for his gracious and marvelous gift!  May you experience His call on your heart this year if you do not already know him, and my you answer his call with a contrite and humble heart and let him be Lord of your life.   For we have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of our Holy God.  But while the wages of sin is death, the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Believe in him today.  

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