Friday, February 8, 2013

PTI Anniversary Day 4 Year of Flowers...

Here is another entry for the contest today.  I am having fun breaking out some sorely underused stamp sets.  I have been very inspired by some of the other entries as well, and I have pinned a few ideas onto Pinterest for later use.  Here is a technique that Nichole Heady used when this carnations set came out.  I have also seen Maile Belles use it recently.  It is taking the back side of your stamp to essentially color in the line images.  Of course if your image is asymmetrical, it doesn't always cover as closely as you like, but it gives it a cool look.  I was inspired by Valentine's Day colors on this card.  Sort of soft and pretty.

I think I might get one more card done tonight to enter while I wait for the creme brûlée that I am making for a dinner party for my mom to get done.  Happy Crafting to all of you who stop by my blog.

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