Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Papertrey Ink Anniversary Release: some honest thoughts

I have been a huge fan of Papertrey Ink for 7 years now.  I always look forward to each new release and all the cool products they come out with and the truly amazing design ideas the design team showcases.  Their creativity has made me want and buy way way more than I ever should.  Really, how many stamp sets and dies does a person really need?  When you have spent enough to buy a nice used car, I think some warning bells should be going off to step back and stop buying.

Those warning bells have been going off for at least a couple of years, and last year I really tried to cut back.  I did ok, but not well enough.  I bought my last installment after Christmas and spent way too much of my Christmas and birthday present money.  I really need to stop.  I want to travel with my family,  there are classes and extra curricular activities I want my boys to be able to do, there are things we need to do to our house and yard, and well, life just can't keep supporting a craft spending addiction.

That being said, and with a wholehearted decision to not buy anything new from Papertrey Ink this year unless I win a contest and then spend only the amount of the prize money I receive, I have to honestly say that I am not really all that excited by this Anniversary release.  There are some cool concepts being introduced or added to, but really, nothing is screaming to be bought.  Anyone else out there feel that way?  I know it is only halfway through the release, but I just am not super impressed.  I guess the stamps and dies are not my style, or I just don't make cards for those occasions.  I love Easter, but I just don't make cards for that.  I have bought stamps in the past for that but never used them really.  I find that birthdays, Christmas, thank you, get well, and friendship/encouragement cards are really what I make the most, so I intend to use what I have for that.

I have had a lot of fun over the past several days making cards for the anniversary challenges.  I have dug out some stamp sets that need some attention (they all do), and it was invigorating to use them again.  It kind of took some of the guilt away from having so many stamps and dies.  That is my resolution this year and going forward.  Just use what I already have and breath new life into my stamping by using card sketches and color challenges.  I want to grow beyond CASEing everyone else's stuff, even though it takes me less time to do that.  Also, I hope to recoup some of the money I have spent on all this stuff by selling cards.  I just post a grouping of cards on my Facebook page when I have something to share.  

Just thought I would be real and open myself up to being held accountable with regards to all of this.  What do you think about the new Anniversary release products?  Are they making you say, " That is cool, but I don't really want it for myself."?

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