Sunday, November 4, 2007

Office card class: Jumbo Paper clip

Here is the jumbo paper clip that is so easy to make. It does take some special equipment if you choose to make more yourself. You get the jumbo clips at Wal-Mart in the office section. A container is only $1. You also need extra strength adhesive that will adhere to metal. I got some Elmer's Craft Bond Ultrafix adhesive from Wal-mart as well as the super strong magnets. Those items are in the craft area.

You simply take a piece of chipboard and use that as a base (I would recommend that route for magnets), or use your scallop flower punch or round circle punches for the base of your clip. Cut out two and sandwich the clip in between them with the Ultra strong adhesive. Let this dry overnight. Then you can embellish it.
I used a stamped flower (more mustard with rock and roll edges in real rust, and river rock), some wasabi ribbons, and a round tab with one of the Office Accoutrement stamps. You can use whatever you want. I am including supplies to make what I did as far as the paper clip base. These are fun and easy and would be great gifts. Have fun.

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