Monday, March 17, 2008

Scissorbella quick cards

Yes, this is a similar layout that I used on some other cards, but it is so versatile. It is a standard card with a piece of 4x4 designer paper. Then you take your image and place it either fully on the printed paper slightly slanted or have it hang over the edge like here. Add ribbon, flowers, sentiments, etc. and you have a great card; simple but elegant.

I have tons of scraps of printed papers that I bought either from Stampin' UP! (bright pink and orange paper) or other companies (stripe) and I am trying to use them up. These kind of cards make that easy.

I made these for my hair stylist. I have an appointment tomorrow and my Bellas finally got here. Yea! I am so excited. I have other ideas to share with her for what I can do with this stamp, like magnets and then the Mark the Date little calendars for appointment reminders, and then the little tag for topping hair styling product she sells. I am sure I 'll come up with more, it's just finding time to make them. I have 2 months in between hair cuts, so that should give me a little time. Anyway, my hair stylist is such a sweet Christian woman, and we have the best conversations, which is unheard of for me with a hair stylist. Usually I just sit there quietly, but we have something in common that we can talk about-our faith. So that is cool. I hope she likes these. I hope to come up with some better sentiments for the cards. I am getting a new small alphabet that should help me put on there shear perfection or something like that.

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