Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tart and Tangy card class kit...bottle hanger and basket

Here are the last two projects for the Tart and Tangy card class. I love the bottle hanger with it's pouch for holding pretty much anything that is 1/2 wide. This set begs for it to be used for the water flavor packets. I have some that are cherry limeade, so I put a lime and cherry on the front. You could use orange, strawberry, cherry, or lemons too. Soo cute. Project tutorial is on Splitcoast. In my photo of the bottle pouch, I forgot to round the top corners of the part where you stick it onto the bottle. My scanned picture shows it correctly. Small detail that makes so much difference. Sorry. I was in a hurry to get these done and posted tonight.

This basket is way too big, your directions will be for one much smaller. I made this one out of a 9x9 piece of printed paper. It needs to be 6x6 at the very largest. There is a bag of Skittles inside. Goes with the fruit theme. So your basket will be more petite and proportional for the stamped images too. This one was rather gigantic once I made it. Live and learn.

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