Saturday, April 5, 2008

Patriotic Star Boxes

I found the pattern and directions for these super cool star boxes on the Scor-pal website, and had to try one for 4th of July and patriotic purposes. I love that I am an American and I have the blessing of being a citizen of a FREE country. I am most distressed when I hear of people who hate this country and that even some of our own citizens feel this way. They hate the conservative foundations our Founding Fathers shed their blood to give us. They hate the freedom to succeed our country affords us, and want the federal government to have more and more control over our lives. I am most distressed in the liberal ideas that have so heavily taken root in our government on both sides these days, and are so heavily taught to our children in school. I pray that my children will still have as much freedom and opportunity as I have enjoyed and that they will not be denied their right to express their faith in our sovereign God, whom the Founding Father's acknowledged was a key foundation to keeping our freedom: self-government without faith and self-control provided by the Holy Spirit is not freedom at all, but a license to hurt others and infringe on others rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now I will get off my soap box, but I am deeply concerned with where I see our country's government is heading if a lot of us who are conservative and love what our country has been founded on don't step up and speak out and vote accordingly. I am also deeply grateful for all who have and still are fighting for our freedom and this great country. So in this light, I was inspired to create this box. I used the new Free and the Brave set from Stampin' UP!. It is a wonderful set. I used Western Sky paper as well as Blue Bayou. The twill tape is stamped with the help of the Stampa-ma-jig and was a bit tricky, and it bears the message "what love is to the heart, freedom is to the soul". Colors are ruby red, blue bayou, and white.

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Stampin' Malia said...

Nicely said. I completely agree. I wish more people thought this way. Cute box, too:)