Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas Open House : gift options

This is a gift option for you to make.
1. Coasters stamped with monograms or other images (monogram in various fonts, lighthouse, deer, and Bible verses.

Other gift options are:
1. an etched glass plate (we couldn't get them to show up well in a photo.)

2. wall memo board or calendar (you will choose from some neutral colors such as brown, celery green, blue and ivory) You can make this a calendar with memo board like seen here, or you can orient the frame up and down with one calendar at the bottom and memo area at the top. You will be able to decorate these simply with some die cut flowers or butterflies or even a monogram label.

3. perpetual birthday calendar (the pink booklet in the photos)

4. bookmark card (see separate post)

5. decorated mason jars for cookie or other food gift mix in a jar gifts. (You will get the jar decorated and then a recipe if you want for a food gift mix. You will have to provide your own ingredients for the jar later.)

6. tea box with notecard (see separate post)

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