Thursday, September 10, 2009

christmas open house: scattered showers

Here is a group of whimsical little cards that are great to encourage someone. There are great little sentiments you can choose from to put on these cards. You will make 8 cards in this set as well as an easy little box to put them in.

Just thought you would like to know the possible sentiments you could use either on the inside or outside of the card:
I hate it when you're sad
This too shall pass
Ain't no sunshine when you're gone
Feel better, Friend
Can't smile without you
Thank you
Just a note to brighten your day and chase the gloomies away
So sorry you're under the weather
April Showers bring May flowers
The sun will come out tomorrow
Into every life, a little rain must fall
Praying for you
Thinking of you
Don't fret, Dearie
I love you rain or shine
So Happy for you
Wishing you sunshine
Cheer up, Buttercup
When it rains, it pours
Wishing you showers of blessings

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