Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas open house: on the couch

This is another darling set of cards for letting a friend know you care and want to talk. It's a great set for making someone feel right at home or saying that you understand they need a little rest. You will make 8 cards (2 of each style) in this set. You will also make a quick little box to put them in.

Thought you might like to know the possible sentiments you could put on the outside or inside of these cards:
hoping you're fully recovered soon
it's time for some girl talk
just sittin' here thinkin' of you
A good friend is like a special chair...ready to comfort you and let you know they care.
let's chat
let's get together
potato optional
come on over friend
thank you for always being by my side
feel better soon
need a couch day?
your couch or mine?
i chair-ish your friendship
let me lighten your load
time to relax
let's chat

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