Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAF: 1980's

I stayed up in bed for at least an hour last night remembering things from the 80's that I was going to list here with the card I made to go with Lexi's challenge.  Boy, did this challenge ever bring back the memories.   However, time will not permit a full list that I came up with right now.  Gotta get this posted quickly before church tonight.  I will come back and add in all my memories of music, clothes, fads, and other things I remembered.  I am totally a child of the 80's since I was born in 1972 and spent most of my elementary through high school years in the 80's.  I graduated from High School in 1990.  Loved all of it although I was usually a bit behind everyone on the music, and I tended to favor classic preppy clothes over the trendy fads.

Here is my card that I am entering in the 80s challenge and the morning timer challenge.  I used one of Heather's old tag sets for the notebook circle and 80s script.  I used super stripes background set for the stripes and Stampin' UP! inks for the rainbow colors.  I used one of the striped sketches from the morning timer challenge.  Enjoy.  It's, like, totally awesome!!!

Memories list:

Parachute pants, 
leather jackets and single hand glove like Michael Jackson in the Thriller album, 
fishnet tops and socks and gloves like the early Madonna look,
Punk rock studded pants and bracelets and choker necklaces,
Bermuda shorts and knee socks,
Neon colored shirts and socks,
Leg warmer socks (multiple pairs at once) with Reebok high tops,
Ked's shoes,
Jean jackets,
Long sweaters with skinny belts over leggings,
Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein designer jeans with fancy embroidered back pockets,
Izod and Polo shirts with the collars worn up,
Assymetrical button up shirts with ruffles, 
Big big earrings,
Mini skirts,
Sweaters tied around the neck when not worn over a collared shirt,
Members Only jackets,
Ocean Pacific t-shirts and shorts,
Jellies shoes and bracelets

Pop Culture:
Rubik's cube,
Hello Kitty,
Where's the beef?,
Jello pudding pops,
New Coke and Max Headstrom commercials,

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lexi said...

yes, like, totally awesome!! love this card and the mash up with the morning timer sketch! can't wait to read your memory list!! so glad you were able to fit in a little play time!!