Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF 2014: Last Timer Challenge

This card should have turned out better, but I didn't make the circle corner line up properly and I had white space there in the corner.  I thought it was correct, but when I went to cut off the excess of the circle, lo and behold,  there was just a little white space where it didn't cover.  Then I mistakenly tried to fix it with a corner chomper.  That did not work.   Anyway, if you could only know how long it took me to finally decide on what to do in making this card with the sketch and the color scheme I picked out, it was way longer than 20 minutes.  Making the card did not take 20 min. but thinking about how I would make it took a lot longer than that.  All day!!!

It was my last entry into the festivities so I am going to post it anyway.

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Lindsey said...

Your card turned out beautifully! I chuckled about your comment on how long it took you to make. I can totally relate to that. My think time for cards is often SO much longer than the actual production time.