Sunday, May 27, 2007

some stamping tips

Hi, Everyone. I wanted to share some stamping tips with you, and some quick card making sketches for you to mass produce cards. I have been reading Michelle Wooderson's blog (MISH MASH) which you can find on the blog list to the right. She makes so many cute cards and she is all about mass producing. She sells a lot of cards, and she uses basically the same layouts but changes some of the accessories, card orientations (horizontal or vertical) and skews some pieces to make them look fresh and new. She takes whole sheets of 12x12 printed papers a lot, or homemade background papers she makes (called one sheet wonders) and cuts them to various "standard" sizes to make the most of each sheet. Then she pairs these with gorgeous focal points that are simply matted and embellished. I love this. So this week, I will be sharing some of her layouts, cutting tips, etc. by trying to incorporate some of her tips and such with you in my own work. I hope to use some sets that are retiring for some last minute inspiration for those stamps we will be saying goodbye to. I will be using some sets I just have let sit on the shelf too long as well as some Spring mini sets. Let's try this and see how this works.

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