Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's A Wrap: Christmas in July!

Well today's stamp camp was a pretty good success. I think all 10 ladies had a good time and came home with some pretty nice projects. Big thanks go out to my fellow demonstrator, Malia, for all her help in planning projects, and being there to help teach the guests how to do their projects. I couldn't have done it without her.

For those of you who missed out on this, we made some fantastic gift packaging items that are perfect for all types of gifts.
We made a cool new gift card holder based on a tutorial by Cami which can be seen here:
We made a cool 5 in 1 envelope template, directions here: Just a note on putting your flower on top, the hat pin goes through the flower from the top then up through the bottom. The hat pin doesn't want to pierce through very well as it is thick, but it will go. Just gently push it through and you should be okay. Use a pop up glue dot to attach this to the top of your knot of ribbon.
We made a cute party favor tin/holiday ornament, a cool gift bag, a circle tote bag, tags, and an awesome Christmas organizer to keep your family and friends wish list in, as well as party details/plans, and even addresses. The best thing about the organizer is that it can be used year after year by adding more pages courtesy of our spiral punch.
Oh, and we made a big sheet of wrapping paper using the All About Christmas wheel. It was good.

I think the day went well, but since I don't do these types of events very frequently, I usually forget the things I learned the times before to facilitate these events better. Next time I will individually package up everyones supplies (more work, but less waste), encourage stamping first, close up ink pads, then assemble to avoid ink mishaps. I will encourage clean up at each station before moving on (okay, maybe I am the only one who can't work in a messy space), and
request that all guests wait for instructions or read instructions before preceeding to avoid wrong placement of elements. I am not pointing fingers here at anyone, nor am I upset, just thinking about how to help avoid these issues next time. Not big issues, just things to think about.
I hope all of you can come to the next big event: Christmas card extravaganza. 25 cards for $25. Sure to be fun for everyone in October.

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