Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pick a Petal challenges

Hi, I'm back stamping again. Actually stamping has helped me keep my sanity through our house flooding ordeal. We have to replace most of our flooring upstairs, but it will get done, and God again is showing us his soverignty every step of the way. I have had a bunch of stamping projects to work on, which is one of the reasons I stayed here instead of going to my parents' with the rest of my family. With two card class in a box kits to work on, a workshop this coming week, and a swap to do this weekend, I had a lot to work on. I am having fun, but I wish I had more creativity myself instead of having to always copy and tweak other's ideas. Oh well. I can't dwell on that, as it only stymies what little imagination I have for this craft. Workshops are always the hardest to prepare for, as you want to keep things simple so as to not overwhelm, but there are sooo many cool things to show too. It is hard. I try to do 2 cards, 1 3-d project, and 1 gift or scrapbook project.

Anyway, here are two pick a petal set cards I did today. Both came from my gallery of favorites culled from the talented stampers of splitcoaststampers. I changed up the colors on one, but the other is pretty much a straight copy. This set is pretty easy to use, but I have a hard time configuring the petals to not have too many on the flower and getting them spaced right so there aren't big gaps. My sense of symmetry is not good. I think these are good, but with more practice I'll get the hang of it better.

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