Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank you... Granddaddy and Grammie

Made this gate fold card for my boys to give to their grandparents to thank them for the school supply goodies they sent them. They were so excited to get a package in the mail; they each got their own package--sweet!! And then it was filled with cool school supplies. I think the biggest hit for John was the Scotch tape since he loves to tape everything in sight. Nathan's favorite was the pencil sharpener and his new pencils, and the flexible ruler. He loves to draw and write. My favorite thing was the lined paper with raised lines. It was cool and hard to explain here on this blog.
What else did they get? Well, compass, glow in the dark eraser, pencils, pencil sharpener, scotch tape, glue stick, rubber ruler, lined paper pad, and it seems like there might have been something else, but I can' t remember. Anyway, big thanks to the grandparents for such a sweet gift. My mom said my dad went to the store all on his own to buy these things: it was all his idea. He loves his grandsons soo much.

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