Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Basket and Blooms totes

Yea!  I have the tote made and here it is.  Isn't this the cutest tote?!  I can't begin to explain how FAST it was to put together.  And the other great thing, is that I can cut out about 5 of these at a time with the Big Shot. Yes, you heard me right, at least 5 of these beauties in one shot.And yes, all these lovely pieces (the band around the lower part of the bag, the bag pieces, bottom piece, tag, small flower, large flower, and cut out flower all get cut out at the same time with one pass through the Big Shot machine.  Love it!  Anyway, read below for my special offer to cut these out of any cardstock paper or designer paper of your choice for birthdays, holidays, or whenever you need a little tote to put a small gift, party favor or treat in.  These are awesome.   Oh and don't you love the little saying on the tag?  Well I must say I am totally loving my new Chit Chat rub-on phrases.  These are the best and so worth the $10.95 you pay for them.  At least a hundred greetings altogether, one set in white and a duplicate in chocolate brown.  I love the white ones right now, but I know I will use the chocolate ones a lot since that is a cardstock color I use a lot.  

 Now I know that realistically, most of my customers are probably not going to spring for this Big Shot machine.  If you do want one, by all means please contact me to order one.   But for those of you who would love to have these cute Basket and Blooms totes made for them for party favors, holiday party treat totes, or just a cute little pouch to put a little something in to brighten someone's day, I am going to offer the following:

Buy one package of designer paper in either the packs  for the holidays or any of our other fabulous designer papers in the regular catalog ($10), and I'll cut 24 of these totes and accessories for you for $5.  Then I'll ship the pieces to you for assembly for approx. $2 (depending on weight and distance).  Yes, that is 24 totes for a mere $17.00.  So cheap.  And all you'll need to assemble them is some of our fabulous sticky strip tape ($7), which if you don't already have, tack that onto your order as well.  

Added details:  since shipping costs for Stampin' UP! orders under $70 are more than the usual 10% I need to place orders together.  So here is my ordering and shipping schedule for the Fall months.

1. I need all preorders and payments by September 1st to place orders to receive totes by October 1st  (If you want Halloween totes using the Halloween paper) you will want to order here.)
2.  I need all preorders and payments by October 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by November 1st  ( If you want totes for Thanksgiving you will want to order here.)
3.  I need all preorders and payments by November 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by December 1st  ( I would recommend all Christmas totes be ordered here.)
4.  I need all preorders and payments by December 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by January 1st.  I recommend you get New Year's eve or January Birthday totes here.
5.  I need all preorders and payments by January 1st to place paper orders to receive totes by Feb. 1st.  I recommend any Valentine's Day totes be ordered here.

A note of caution:  We will be moving into our new home sometime in Oct., we pray, so I will be very busy that month.  The sooner you order and plan ahead the better for me that month.  Things will be crazy this Fall.

PS:I hope to have the Top Notes die and the Scallop envelope die in the next couple of months.  These are both great for gift packaging.  The Top notes die makes a great bag topper for either the small cello bags or medium cello bags depending on which way you fold it in half.  The scallop envelope makes a great gift card enclosure on a gift bag.  Hey, with the Gift bag instructions for Designer paper and this die, you could make a complete gift packaging ensemble in no time.   I will offer cutting of these two items as well as the basket and blooms totes for the same $5 cutting fee.  

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