Monday, September 1, 2008

Christmas photo card cutting service

I was trying to make up some designs for photo cards to offer you, my customers, but I finally got a lightbulb moment last night.  I can't possibly make and stamp cards that will appeal to everyone.  Your tastes and styles are just too varied.  What I like, you may hate.   And to top it all off, I have to keep reminding myself that we will be moving and settling in to our new home this Fall and although I think I can do all these things, I really probably won't.  So I came up with a solution last night.  This is a limited offer, as I won't be able to do this for too many folks, but if you sign up early, I can fit you in before the chaos starts. 

I have two simple  and easy templates for photo cards using my Nestabilities to cut out and emboss a frame for your photo approx a wallet sized photo or a 3 x 4 cut down for the long cards.  I was thinking that to save everyone time, and to get a pretty colorful card, you could choose some 12x12 printed paper you like and I can cut out the frame part of your holiday card on it, using my tools.  Then you would merely have to cut your base cardstock, stamp a greeting on white paper and glue it to the base.  You can then embellish with photo corners or small flowers or snowflakes that you find.  

The cards can be two sizes:  4x8 1/2 to fit in a standard size business envelope, and 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 which can fit in a regular invitation size envelope (A2).    A package of Stampin' UP! designer paper would yield about 48 of the larger size cards, and 72 of the invitation size cards. 
A package of Stampin' UP! solid color card stock to mat the frames on would yield 48 large cards and 72 invitation size.   You can see the papers Stampin' UP! has for the holidays in the Holiday mini and the regular catalog.  Or go to the scrapbook store and pick out your own and send it to me.  

Stampin' UP! designer paper is $10.  Solid color paper is $5.50 for 24 sheets.  
I would charge a $5 fee to cut 48 large or up to 72 small cards.   Then I would charge you for shipping the supplies back to you to put your photos in and assemble together.  You need to provide your own envelopes.  I would go to If It's Paper if you have one near you, as they have the best price.  

So let me know if you want me to do this for you.  I know  a lot of people send out these types of cards, and it's nice to give them a special homemade, personalized touch.   Note about photos: I didn't have the designer paper glued on, so if the pieces don't look centered, that is why.

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