Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tapestry Box for 3x6 cards and envelopes

Here is the box for your 3x6 cards and envelopes. I made the box following the dimensions I had and it is not big enough for envelopes. In fact, it left no wiggle room for the cards. So I modified the measurements so when you make yours, they all will fit.

Take a 12" x 11 1/4" piece of textured olive paper.
Score along the 12" side at 2 5/8 from each side.
Score along the 11 1/4" side at 4 3/8" from each side. Fold along score lines and cut in on the small flap in the middle (2 5/8 x 2 1/5 rectangle in the middle along the 11 1/4 inch side) just so that this flap can be folded up and the larger flaps sealed over it to make your box. I am sure you all have made boxes like this before, so I am sure you can get that.
For the lid cut a piece of the artichoke print 6x 6 3/4". Score along the 6 inch side at 2" and 4 1/2. This is your lid. You will glue the 2" flap to the inside of the back of the box.
DO THIS NEXT STEP BEFORE YOU START GLUING YOUR BOX TOGETHER!!! Take your Brocade border wheel and olive ink and wheel what will be the bottom edge of your box (all along the inside score lines of your paper). Now you can fold the box up and glue the sides together.
Round the corners of your front flap. Now take a piece of your wide artichoke ribbon and sticky strip that all around the middle of your box and leave an overhang. I started my ribbon just under the flap on the box base and wrapped around and then cut it.
Take a large flower and med. flower from your stickers and adhere them to some scrap copy/printer paper or white cardstock. Cut them out. Use dimensionals or pop up glue dots to adhere them together. Now take a pop up glue dot and adhere to the ribbon. You keep the box closed by putting a pop up glue dot on the ribbon overhang so it attaches just below the box top flap.
Clear as mud, right? As you go along, you'll see how it goes. I have faith that you can do it.

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