Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tapestry Card Class month 3 mini album

I hope you like this little mini album. It is so cute, great for small pictures or to tell a story about a family event with a picture or two.
Here are the directions:

4 3x3 vanilla envelopes
2 pieces of your groovy guava textured cardstock cut to 6x4 and scored at 3 1/4 and 3 3/4 (along the 6 inch side)
2 pieces of the dark green/guava print cardstock cut to 3 7/8 x 3 1/8 for back of "cover" and for inside middle
4 pieces of dark green/guava print cardstock cut to 3 7/8 x 2 1/8 for front and back side flaps
5 pieces of 3x3 groovy guava paper for inserts and to cover front envelope.
15" of guava stitched ribbon
1 large and 2 medium vanilla flat back pearls from Pretties kit
Baroque motiffs swirl stamp and groovy guava ink
slit hole punch or larger round hole punch to be able to put ribbon through the closure.
scrap piece of white paper to line the front square sticker
glue dots for pearls or liquid glue

Adhere envelopes together by folding flap back and then sticking to the next envelope. On final envelope, tape the flap down (not sealing the envelope). Now place a bit of adhesive only down the center of each envelope and stick them together (this is between the envelopes below where the flaps are attached to that they hold together more strongly). You will not have adhesive on the front or back of your envelople stack.

Glue or sticky strip the largest section of the 4 x6 pieces of cardstock together to make the base of this album. You will now have a three panel tri-fold piece with a spine on either side of the center panel. Glue your designer papers to the outside back middle, front sides, inside sides and the middle inside panels. I used the guava side of the paper for the inside middle part. Embellish the inside spine with a strip of the "ribbon" stickers if you like.

Adhere your envelope stack to the bottom center panel of your album.

Stamp and decorate with the stickers and stamps your 4 insert pieces.

Adhere the 5th 3x3 guava piece to the front of your envelope stack and decorate.

Glue pearls onto front, attach focal point, and tie with ribbon.

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Judy Johnson said...

Really enjoyed this class and these card holders. I wouldn't have tried the 3x6 cards otherwise.
Hope you do birthday, get well, thinking of you, and sympathy classes so we can get 12 or 24 of each completed. Thanks.