Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some more freezer cooking today...

Well I just took about 45 minutes and made up another big batch of my homemade pancake mix chock full of wholegrain goodness. I also made two batches of biscuits -minus the liquid, and stuck those in the freezer. I already had my food processor out for grinding oats and sustagrain barley flakes for my pancake mix, so I decided to go ahead and pulse up some biscuit mix too. Now all i have to do is grab it out of the freezer, add 1 c. buttermilk, roll out and bake. Much easier for in the morning. I also made a double batch of now or later pizza dough to freeze up. It's rising on the counter, and when it's done, I'll divide it into 3 or 4 pieces and then freeze it. All I will have to do is take it out in the morning and let it come to room temp. till almost lunch time, press it out onto parchment, preheat the oven and there you go, yummy hot homemade pizza. It's a good thing. And I just prepped many breakfast goodies and lunch in just 45 min.

My guys are out of the house today with haircuts and shopping for mouth guards and protective gear for karate lessons. With lessons two nights a week at 5:30 pm- 7pm we have just gotten lots more busy in the evenings. I don't like that aspect, but they are enjoying the exercise and the chance to kick and hit. It should help with coordination, confidence, and control (all good life skills). :) My little guys are so precious. I just love them to pieces. I am so proud of their attitudes this year in school and how much we are getting done. We added Rod and Staff Spelling and English/Grammar, and Wordly Wise vocabulary building lessons. We also get God's World News for current events and news that comes from a Biblical world view. Love it. The boys love getting mail. We also get Club House and Club House Jr. from Focus on the Family. John, my youngest, is still struggling some days on doing his written work. He just hates writing stuff down, and Friday was pretty rough, but it is usually the exception now and not the rule. He's just almost 7 yrs. old, so I shouldn't expect as much as I do from Nathan, who is 9 1/2. So anyway, that's what I have been up to today.

Try taking an hour and getting some things prepped for your week. Go to King Arthur and Pioneer and find some great recipes for baking, meals, that are flavorful and easy.

Oh, and I have been a little crafty lately while the boys work on their math and other written work, and have made some neat Halloween treat holders and cards. Check them out on my card blog: see the sidebar.

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