Monday, September 20, 2010

What do your words say?

Here is another thought provoking article from my teaching God's World News weekly update. What kind of words do you say? What do your words say about you and what you truly believe. Are you ready to be persecuted for sharing the precious words of the gospel? Do your words promote peace? Are your words building up words or are they focused on the negative? Something to think about this Monday morning.

What is your ordinary, everyday conversation like? Is it good? Evil? Kind? Mean? Clean? Obscene?

How do you know?

Some words used to be considered obscene. There was no argument about that. But today "everybody" says them-even in movies and on TV. And "freedom of speech" in the hands of groups like the ACLU has been twisted from its Constitutional intent now to mean legalized oral amorality.

Jesus in Matthew 12 says, "I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."

Listen carefully to the words of Jesus. They are words of life.

There is only one place to learn the difference between good and evil. It is not "ordinary, everyday conversation." It is not the U.S. courts. It is not the U.S. Constitution. It is God's word, the Bible.

I do not mean to say the U.S. Constitution is evil. It is a very good set of laws. In fact, much of it is based on the teachings of the Bible. In fact, "freedom of speech" in the Constitution has never meant freedom to do evil. Don't be fooled by lawyers promulgating twisted ideas of "freedom."

"Freedom" is not the real problem in America. The real problem is that the world hates godly values. Jesus was not warning only against dirty words. He was warning against twisting the truth about justice and holiness and freedom. God's judgment is upon all false speech.

The twisting of words is killing true freedom in America. It has made evil speech "constitutional." It has turned blasphemy and cursing--even on stage--into "civil rights." At the same time, proclaiming God's word in America's public schools is illegal. There's no "freedom of speech" there. Do you hear the ACLU complaining about that?

What is the future of America? Do you understand the meaning of "freedom in Christ"? Do you know that for God's people it sometimes means persecution?

We should be upset hearing the filthy mouths in the world around us. But we should also be getting ready to face things a lot worse than that.
-- Norm Bomer

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