Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Homemade version of the Stampin' UP! calendar folio

Here is the calendar folio that I made up using the Mark the Date and Full Calendar stamp sets, journaling stamp and Stampin' UP! designer paper.  You use one sheet of designer paper cut to 8 1/2 x 11 for the folio.  Then you will need to score this at 4 inches from the right and left sides of the 8 1/2 length as seen in  the first photo.  Next you will score at 1 and  1 1/2 inches from each side on the 11 inch side. Trim off the flap as seen in the photo to make the sides of the folio.  Then glue the top flap onto those side pieces.  Embellish the folio as you wish with chipboard numbers, or whatever.  
For the calendar pages they are 4 x 8 pieces of white cardstock.  I took various patterns of the designer paper and cut both a 1 inch and 1 /2 inch piece for the top and bottom.  If you decorate your pages this way, rather than lining the back side you can get about 6 calendars, maybe more from one package of designer paper.  I stamped the journaling lines first  and then the calendar and then the month.   Then I punched tabs using the round tab punch, which if I  had to do it again, I would cut in half instead of folding them over and then gluing them.  Less punching, less paper used.  Voila.  That is all.  So quick and easy, and you can make these calendars in whatever color scheme  you want.  I love this idea.  Tuck it in a briefcase, purse, desktop, or take out the individual pages and clip them on one of our chipboard small clipboards that you have decorated with matching paper.  So great and so pretty.  You'll have people asking you, "Where did you get that?"  And you can say, "I made it myself.  Do you want one?"

NOTE:  I just saw a goof I made.  I meant to put 2009 on the calendar and I put 2008.  Oh well.  Easy to cover up with another white circle.  I was working so hard, I forgot to think of the right year.


Beth said...

Oh I like that Melissa. Very cool!


Carrie Poisel said...

I saw this on SCS and had to come by to check out the details. I really like it! Thanks for sharing!