Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas presents: Aren't they just gorgeous?!

Okay, so I know this post won't show up in the right time order, but I had to get the post ready before I wasn't with my computer to put the pictures on. I can't change the post date on Blogger, so I hope you all find this. I made these gorgeous picture frames for my family for Christmas. Aren't they just wonderful? Okay, I know I am tooting my own horn a little, but I think they turned out really pretty. I used Carte Postal and the LeJardin papers for one, Cutie pie papers, and then the new Ginger blossom and Embrace life stuff for the last one. I love them all. I hope they do too. I didn't put pictures on all of them so they can personalize them themselves. The LeJardin one is for my sister in law and husband as they are moving this week into their new house, which they built. The Cutie pie one is for my husband' s parents. The Ginger Blossom one is for my parents.

Then the last picture is a canvas I made for my sister in-law as a very late birthday present. She graduated this Summer from UNC (it's too bad it was Carolina and not Wake Forest, but I'll forgive her since she lives in Raleigh and it was closer for her... ha!ha! At least it wasn't Duke.) from their special MBA program for executives (those already working in the field so to speak), and she worked so hard for two years to get this. I am so proud of her. We weren't able to go to the graduation, but we are proud of her accomplishments. I made this as a memo board. Used chipboard letters, and ribbons, staple gun, and thumbtacks. I think it is very nice. I hope she likes it.

Well that is all for the Christmas present side.

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